Senior Legal Secretary

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Job Description

Duties :

Manage and organize legal documents, court filings, and correspondence related to High Court civil litigation cases.

· Coordinate with attorneys to schedule court appearances, client meetings, and case-related deadlines.

· Maintain accurate and up-to-date electronic and physical case files.

· Prepare legal documents, including pleadings, affidavits, motions, and discovery requests.

· Assist in the drafting and formatting of legal correspondence and reports.

· Proofread and edit legal documents for accuracy and completeness.

· File court documents electronically and physically as required by the High Court procedures.

· Monitor case deadlines and ensure timely submissions.

· Liaise with court officials, opposing counsel, and clients as necessary.

· Act as a liaison between attorneys, clients, and other stakeholders.

· Answer and screen phone calls, take messages, and handle general inquiries.

· Coordinate and schedule appointments, meetings, and depositions

· Conduct legal research using online databases and other resources.

· Summarize relevant case law, statutes, and regulations for attorneys.

· Assist in the preparation of legal arguments and strategies.

Requirements :

· Grade 12

· Diploma in Legal Studies preferred,

· Minimum 5 years’ High Court civil litigation experience essential

· Proficient in using legal case management software and Microsoft Office Suite

· Well-spoken and well presented.