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About Company

For years Partneruptalent I’ve enjoyed connecting businesses with like minded people- in both my professional and personal life. I’m genuinely passionate about making these connections,and pride myself on having a deep understanding of what type of people are most suited for certain business and team structures.

Before I started PartnerUP Talent, I spent most of my career (15 years and counting), working in recruitment and operations. My strengths have always been working with organisational structures, job descriptions and people moves – and that’s where I really thrive!

PartnerUP Talent is something very special and certainly not like a traditional recruitment agency. I strongly believe that people make or break a business as they are the ones that have the biggest impact. That’s why I created PartnerUP Talent as a company which focuses on the hiring process and not just the outcome.

Being so passionate about people, team sport is my jam and it always charges up my batteries. I also enjoy spending my time with my family, reading and I follow the Tigers (in all sports!). If we meet when we’re out, there’s nothing more exciting than talking shop, especially career chat.