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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Continuous improvement:

Design, solution, code, debug, analyze and correct programs to ensure business requirements are met
New development, maintenance and support
Analyze effect of new functions on the existing system
Compile test cases according to System Development Lifecycle methodology and doing-house testing
Implement practical solutions that use the specialist and departmental systems and processes
Provide specialist input and recommendations to improve the efficiency, compliance and quality objectives
Identify problems and develop and propose solutions to present to relevant stakeholders
Day to day operational support

Cost containment:

Support the identification, development and implementation of cost-effective processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost drivers
· Continuously review cost / benefit and ROI


· Maintain a high level of impact on other departments to support improved delivery
· Continually increase understanding of client and stakeholder needs, satisfaction and service delivery

Knowledge management:

· Ensue knowledge share within the library
· Provide advice and / or training as required
· Maintain, develop and implement specialist knowledge within the day to day operations of the organization

Maintain expertise level:

· Be a member of related professional bodies
· Ensure CPD (continual professional development) or similar accreditation requirements are met annually to ensure maintained specialist accreditation

· Engage with and provide support to the established network of internal and external expert resources and partners

Specialist support to projects:

· Provide Specialist expertise and ensure best practice related to implemented in projects
· Conform to project management disciplines when participating in projects
· Represent department or project on appropriate committees

Specific Outputs

· Experience with Object-orientated Design and (SOLID)

  • · Database Design and PL/SQL
  • · Agile Software Methodology and Sprint development
  • · Determine the root cause of queries logged and ensure that the issues are resolved effectively by understanding the impact of the problem and solution finding
  • Coordinate testing efforts for all system changes and solutions implemented by firstly compiling and implementing comprehensive documentation relating to Test Plan and conduct post implementation review as part of SDLC cycle for each requirement.
  • · Evaluate and document the underlying business architecture and conduct; feasibility studies, business cases, risk assessments and proposals; and create functional requirements for new applications and major changes to existing applications
  • Take full responsibility for the operational processes through continuous monitoring to ensure overall operational efficiency and effectiveness at all times.
  • · Develop and implement cost effective proposed solutions (fixes) for incidents (P1-P5) in order to reduce overall costs
  • · Support the identification, development and implementation of cost-effective processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost
    Manage risks as per LRGC Risk Register by means of compiling and executing risk mitigation plans, with preset timelines
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