Senior Manager: Credit – Klerksdorp

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :


Evaluation of credit applications.

* Provide credit solutions to clients after considering the clients risk profile, financial needs and external factors such as the status of the industry and market prospects.

* Ensure quality of credit applications in terms of completeness, correctness and compliance with ACS credit policy.

* Support credit team with complex and challenging applications and transactions

* Evaluate and approve credit applications.

* Make recommendations on applications not approved.

* Keep abreast of any trends or changes to ensure that Agri Credit Solutions credit evaluation is aligned with best practices.

* Continued analysis of the ACS portfolio to identify trends and initiate corrective measures if needed.

* Ensure quality of the credit book and constantly mitigate and reduce the risk of the portfolio.

Manage and coordinate the credit collections and recovery.

* Analyse and interpret grain market information or trends based on management Information.

* Ensure that all Credit Managers are abreast of the latest grain market information/trends to enable them to critically review and question any perceived anomalies.

* Consult internal and external stakeholders to determine potential risks.

* Assist the credit team with client negotiations and determine options to collect or extend credit.

* Analyse information from management reports to ensure that arrears and recoveries are within the targets set by management.

* Assist Credit Managers to evaluate client information and determine reasons for arrears or non-compliance with contract or interim agreements.

* Assist Credit Manager and Legal Department to recover securities and take the appropriate legal action or grant extensions.

Control and securitise credit facilities.

* Ensure that the credit team manage administrative processes according to the ACS credit policy and procedures.

* Identify and analyse deviations and follow up with relevant parties to rectify problems.

* Re-negotiate or assist the credit team to re-negotiate credit terms and conditions with clients (internal and external)

* Ensure that the credit managers monitor and control security documents.

Optimization of business and credit portfolio.

* Stay abreast of client needs and communicate any changes to management to ensure that ACS continue to provide solutions

to existing and prospective clients

* Provide input in terms of strategic direction or any strategic initiatives of ACS on request.

* Advise on possible options or changes that may be required to remain relevant and competitive.

* Liaise with potential clients on an individual basis and through organised structures to increase market share.

* Ensure optimal integration of latest technology and best practice to optimise credit processes.

Employee Management.

* Manage subordinates according to applicable legislation, policies and procedures.

* Inform subordinates of desired outcomes in terms of goals and objectives and manage their performance.

* Develop subordinates to full potential and identify potential for accelerated development.

Desired Experience & Qualification


* At least 3 years relevant agricultural finance (credit) experience

* Relevant Bachelors degree with accounting/ financial management / banking