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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Imagine your daily adventures:

Conquering the sales landscape: Identify and cultivate leads, transforming them into loyal clients through compelling presentations and strategic negotiations.
Tailoring your message for maximum impact: Craft customized proposals that resonate with each client’s unique needs and goals.
Becoming a media maestro: Possess in-depth knowledge of the media industry, staying ahead of trends and insights to expertly guide your clients.
Building bridges of trust: Develop strong relationships with clients, based on honesty, transparency, and genuine enthusiasm.
Collaborating with your team like a superhero squad: Work hand-in-hand with colleagues to achieve shared goals and celebrate each other’s victories.
To unleash your inner sales hero, you’ll need:
The power of education: Your National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent is your launchpad.
Experience is your superpower: At least 6 years of direct sales experience in a relevant field will equip you with battle-tested skills.
Sharpen your weapons: A sales or marketing diploma (IMM/AAA) will enhance your arsenal.
Market knowledge is your secret weapon: Stay ahead of the curve with deep understanding of the media landscape and its trends.
Transportation? Check, Communication? Check! Own reliable transport and a smartphone are your trusty sidekicks.

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