Building Maintenance Manager

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Client Details:

Our client is a real estate company specialising in property management, investment, and development within both the residential and commercial property sectors.

Role Responsibilities:

Address general building maintenance, encompassing basic repairs, geyser thermostat replacement, and light fixture installation.
Proficient in various handyman duties.
Comfortable working at heights when necessary.
Install “To Let” signs, disclaimer signs, and window coverings.
Promptly report and resolve maintenance issues.
Execute directives from Directors and department managers.
Supervise on-site security and cleaning staff, ensuring a professional appearance.
Maintain a clean, orderly, and safe environment within buildings.
Communicate with on-site tenants when needed.
Demonstrated ability to remain composed in high-pressure situations.

Relevant Qualifications / Experience:

Clear and effective communication skills.
Exemplary customer service ethics.
Exceptional time management proficiency.
Self-management capability.
Keen attention to detail.
Commitment to neat and tidy work.
Resourcefulness in problem-solving.
Proactive and initiative-driven.
Skillful at prioritising and handling a heavy workload.
Enthusiastic about learning and personal development.
Pleasant and amiable demeanour.
Maintain healthy habits for peak performance.

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