Warehouse Manager

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :

Key Responsibilities:

Mastermind the flow: Manage goods handling from receiving to packing to deliveries, all while maintaining our high company standards.
Lead the pack: Supervise and motivate our warehouse team, ensuring everyone is firing on all cylinders and hitting their targets.
Safety first: Keep our workplace safe and sound, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations and providing the right gear for our team’s protection.
Stock superstar: Utilize cutting-edge systems like Kerridge to keep our inventory in check, conducting stock takes and adjustments like a pro.

Qualifications and Experience:

Pit stop prowess: Experience in warehouse management and inventory control is a must – bonus points for a degree in Logistics or Supply Chain Management!
Steering the ship: Strong leadership skills to steer our team towards success, coupled with excellent communication to keep everyone on the same track.
Safety stewardship: Knowledge of health and safety procedures to ensure smooth sailing in our warehouse.
Tech-savvy speedster: Proficiency in warehouse management systems like Kerridge will put you in pole position.