Operations Business Manager (Fuel, Retail, and Food) I Richards Bay

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :


planograms, store layout planning, driving sales, margin improvements, poor store turnarounds, maintenance standards, procurement and marketing
Operations advisor on key financial and operational areas such as merchandising, minimizing expenses,
Oversee all franchisees with focus on evaluating performance, driving product innovation, preparing annual regional sales budgets and brand management activities
Inspections/Audits Software, Retail Checklist, Auditing & Online Training Programs rolled out nationally in all sites
Leading the launch, opening, management and optimization retail outlet conversions
competitor analytic review
national inventory management, Health & Safety, audits, legislative inspections, brand development and
Back-end areas include P&L, marketing, promotions, product development, visual merchandising,

short-term strategies

processes, renegotiate supplier contracts, facilitate forums/regional meetings, and deliver sales-focused
Ensured franchises achieve optimal GP margins by implementing turnaround strategies, improve existing
Launching stores and site selections
Staff recruitment and training
Brand compliance
Franchisee KPI achievement
Focused on customer service excellence
All of which accelerate brand awareness, sales and category profitability
audits, food training program for franchisees.
Rollouts to include promotional strategies, new operational manuals, operations standards inspection
Established standardization of key supplier, contractor and costing specification model for all national food brands
gaps, and to collaborate across all levels culturally and nationally.
Building a self-reliant network of franchisees that support each other’s successes and under-performing
Introducing profit-driven initiatives that establish new revenue streams
Brand awareness and engagement
Lead companies into new markets segments
Ability to enhance current operations while turnaround failing businesses into high-performing avenues
Multiple regions / site management portfolio
Handle CCMA Cases
Negotiate and secure profitable contracts