Junior Production Designer – Furniture

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :

A Junior Production Designer’s role is to PRODUCE THE BEST OFFICE FURNITURE.

With your QUALITY deliverables being:
Perfect drawings, cut lists & programs
Quality control ownership of your output
Continuously make the product as per the design

With your SPECIFIC deliverables being:
Responsible and accountable for all pre-manufacturing design work (drawings, cut lists and programming) ensuring that the manufacturing teams can only produce the most perfect product
Responsible and accountable for the board yield calculations, and ordering instructions for each project’s board requirements to Procurement Manager
Communicate all requirements you need through the Production Administrator, and/or Production Manager
Ensure all necessary manufacturing instructions that the factory requires per project are ready for briefing and release to the factory as per the stipulated timing given per project
Responsible for the product output of your project, by checking your projects throughout the manufacturing process, and end product
Expected to assist in building a library of standard drawings and designs for manufacturing that are to be saved on the company server, and to be used at all times
Responsible and accountable for working to the standards set per product, and working with those standards at all times
Responsible for communicating a possible/suggested change to a specific product within a project that is required but cannot meet a standard set for that product with the Production Manager (who will in turn make the decision to involve R&D should it be required)
Assist R&D as and when required by instruction from the Production Manager
Programming the CNC Machines with new product designs