Credit Vetting Operations Manager

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities


The Credit Vetting Operations Manager is responsible for supervising and leading a team of credit vetting professionals to ensure that all credit applications are effectively and efficiently vetted and assessed in accordance with company policies and procedures. The incumbent will also be responsible for identifying areas of improvement and implementing changes to improve the credit vetting process.


Credit Vetting

Responsible for designing, implementing, operating and continuously improving the back office systems and processes
Design and continuously improve existing and new business processes
This includes selecting the IT systems that support day-to-day operations; outlining process flows, defining operating rules and policies, assigning operational roles and responsibilities, integrating manual operations with IT systems and defining performance metrics
Run day-to-day underwriting and collections
Keep track of performance metrics, taking corrective actions, analyzing bottlenecks and implementing solutions that bring process performance to the next level
Managing the entire back office processes implies overseeing a wide range of operational activities alongside managing customer relationships
These include but are not limited to: performing credit analysis, establishing direct communication channels with applicants and borrowers, issuing loan agreements


Provide regular reports to the Financial Executive on the performance of the credit vetting team
Maintain and investigate current reporting with a key focus on improving reporting to the executive team
Development of new and dynamic reports based on key data insights and analytics performed
Perform other duties as assigned by the accountable relevant executive

Governance and Compliance

Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory and legal requirements
Ensure that data handling practices adhere to data governance policies and relevant regulations, such as to protect data privacy and security

Team Management

Supervise a team of credit vetting professionals and organize their workflow to ensure timely delivery of quality credit decisions
Ensure that all credit vetting procedures and policies are being adhered to by the team
Conduct regular training sessions for the credit vetting team to ensure that they are up to date with new policies and procedures

Work Collaboratively

Manage upstream and downstream partners involved in the delivery of the credit vetting service – Manage and drive relevant KPI’s across these partners to CEC
Recognize outcomes which resulted from effective collaboration between teams
Build co-operation and overcome barriers to information sharing, communication and collaboration across the organization
Build a culture of respect and understanding across the organisation
Facilitate opportunities to engage and collaborate with stakeholders to develop joint solutions

Self Management

Demonstrate consistent application of internal procedures
Plan and prioritize, demonstrating abilities to manage competing demands
Demonstrate abilities to anticipate and manage change
Demonstrate flexibility in balancing achievement of own objectives with abilities to understand and respond to organizational and team needs
Follow through to ensure that personal quality and productivity standards are consistently and accurately maintained
Desired Experience & Qualification



Communicates Effectively
Ensures Accountability
Decision Quality
Financial Acumen
Instills Trust
Customer Focus
Situational Adaptability
Balances Stakeholders


Risk Management
Underwriting Management
Analyze Alternatives and Recommend Solutions


Bachelor’s degree in commerce or finance, non-negotiable
Honours / Masters degree will be advantageous


A minimum of 5 years of experience in credit vetting and assessment
At least 3 – 5 years of experience in a managerial or similar role

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