Senior C# Full Stack Developer -Centurion (Hybrid) up to R1 Million

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Be the maestro behind scalable enterprise software solutions! We have just unlocked a golden ticket for a visionary problem-solver like you to join our Major Telecoms Hub. As a crucial member of our cross-functional team, you will orchestrate the entire symphony of software development, from inception to deployment.

Why Join Us?

Shape the Future: Dive into the realm of groundbreaking enterprise solutions.
Collaborative Vibes: Thrive in a team that values your analytical prowess and thrives in a collaborative environment.
Full Stack Glory: Showcase your 5-10 years of full-stack wizardry, especially with C#.
Multiverse Mastery: Command desktop and mobile applications like a tech virtuoso.
Linguistic Flair: Flaunt your expertise in a multitude of front-end languages and libraries (HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, AngularJS).
JavaScript Jedi: Channel your inner JavaScript guru with frameworks like jQuery, Angular, React, or Node.js.
Database Dynamo: Conquer MS SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB realms with ease.
Web Wizardry: Navigate the web server landscape (IIS, Apache) and dazzle with UI/UX design.
Pattern Pioneer: Showcase your mastery of Software Design Patterns.
Container Captain: Implement Docker containerization strategies with Kubernetes like a seasoned captain.
Deployment Maestro: Unleash your CI/CD wizardry for seamless application deployment.
Team Maestro: Strive as a natural communicator and team player, armed with an analytical mindset and an eagle eye for detail

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