Brand Manager – Medical Aesthetics (Pharmaceutical Company) -Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Job Description


Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Commercial, Business Administration, or a related field Sciences degree with relevant experience will be considered
More than 3 years’ experience in brand management, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry
Strong understanding of pharmaceutical marketing, including regulatory environments and market dynamics for both scheduled and OTC generics
Excellent analytical, communication, and leadership skills
Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team environment
Proficient in using marketing analytics tools and software

Duties & Responsibilities:

Market Research and Analysis:

Conduct thorough market research to understand the dynamics of the medical aesthetics sector, particularly trends related to aesthetic injectables and similar products
Analyse competitor strategies, market share, and product positioning
Identify potential markets and new target demographics for aesthetic injectables

Product Knowledge and Expertise:

Possess in-depth knowledge about aesthetic injectables, including its composition, usage, benefits, side effects, and regulations
Stay updated with the latest developments and research in the field of medical aesthetics

Brand Strategy Development:

Develop and implement brand strategies to enhance the visibility and market position of aesthetic injectables
Work on branding initiatives that clearly differentiate aesthetic injectables from competitors
Collaborate with research and development teams to align product development with market needs

Marketing and Promotion:

Design and execute marketing campaigns for aesthetic injectables, targeting both healthcare professionals and consumers (Where allowed)
Manage digital marketing efforts, including social media, content marketing, and online advertising (Where allowed)
Develop educational and promotional materials for both patients and healthcare providers

Sales Support and Collaboration:

Work closely with the sales team to ensure they have the necessary tools and training to effectively sell aesthetic injectables
Monitor sales performance and adjust marketing strategies accordingly
Engage in field visits to better understand customer needs and gather feedback

Regulatory Compliance and Ethical Marketing:

Ensure all marketing materials and strategies comply with regulatory bodies like the SAHPRA
Promote aesthetic injectables ethically, ensuring accurate representation of its effects and side effects

Stakeholder Engagement and Networking:

Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, industry experts, and influencers in the medical aesthetics field
Attend industry conferences and workshops to network and stay informed about industry trends

Budget Management and Reporting:

Manage the budget allocated for aesthetic injectables marketing and promotional activities
Regularly report on brand performance, marketing ROI, and market insights to senior management

Customer Feedback and Product Improvement:

Gather and analyse customer feedback to understand the efficacy and reception of aesthetic injectables
Collaborate with Medical/NBD for continuous product improvement based on customer insights