Senior Control Systems Engineer

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

To design a cost effective solution for projects in order to meet the customer needs.
• Prepare a detailed design of the approved solution for the client and ensure the effective
development thereof.
• To design system architecture for software implementations.
• To design industrial communication networks for software implementations (ethernet, fibre,
Profinet, etc.)
• To develop PLC programs for a client for implementation of their requirements.
• To develop SCADA and/or HMI applications according to client specifications.
• To develop simulation applications for testing and training purposes.
• Test the solution to ensure that the designed solution is totally functional.
• To implement the complete solution at the client and ensure the optimal functioning thereof.
• To provide training and assistance to the client, to ensure that the client is able to use the
system within the design constraints.
• To provide post project system support for the client as and when required.

Desired Experience & Qualification

Degree, Technical Diploma or NQF Equivalent in Electrical, Electronic or Mechatronic
• At least 5 year operational and design experience (inclusive of relevant design program
• Experience of control system design.
• International control system specifications and standards.
• Knowledge of PLC and SCADA systems.
• Schneider Control Expert certified
• Wonderware (System Platform 2017 and InTouch 2017) certified
• OHS Act.
• Exposure to mining industry will be advantageous.

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