Trackless Boilermaker

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Job Description


Fabricate and assemble trackless mining equipment based on engineering drawings and specifications
Perform repairs and maintenance on trackless mining equipment to ensure their optimal performance
Conduct inspections and tests to identify and diagnose equipment issues
Weld, cut, and join metal components using various techniques to ensure structural integrity
Comply with safety protocols and regulations to maintain a safe working environment
Maintain accurate records of work performed and materials used
Collaborate with other team members and supervisors to execute tasks efficiently


Grade 12
Boilermaker Trade Test
N2 Theoretical Engineering Certificate
5 years experience in operational Mining/Plant maintenance.
2 years experience in Boilermaking, Plating/Welding.
Experience in Trackless Mining Equipment.
Strong knowledge of welding techniques and equipment


Salary: Negotiable
Paid Time Off (PTO) (If Applicable)