SHEQ Senior Manager

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Job Description


– Develop, implement, and monitor SHEQ policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.
– Conduct regular audits and inspections to identify potential hazards and risks, and develop corrective action plans to address any deficiencies.
– Lead and manage a team of SHEQ professionals, providing guidance, training, and support as needed.
– Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate SHEQ considerations into all aspects of the business, from product development to operations.
– Maintain records and documentation related to SHEQ performance, incidents, and regulatory requirements.
– Communicate with external stakeholders, including government agencies, customers, and suppliers, to address SHEQ concerns and promote best practices.
– Stay current on emerging SHEQ trends and technologies, and recommend improvements to enhance the company’s overall safety and quality performance.


– BSc/BTech Degree in Mechanical Engineering
– Certified lead auditor – IATF16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001
– Minimum 7-10 years senior management experience
– Project management experience
– Automotive component manufacturing experience
– Experience of using core quality management tools
– Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
– Advance business reporting skills


Salary: negotiable
Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
Training and Development
Paid Time Off (PTO) (if applicable)