Forensic Auditor – Klerksdorp

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :


Planning of audit investigation.

* Planning of the investigation to ensure that investigation is thoroughly done and that all the possibilities were considered, and data tested.

* Compilation of a planning standard document which includes all the actions to be taken during the investigation.

Execution of audit investigation.

* Ensure effective execution of investigation by using the correct methodology.

* Audit investigation should be done according to the accurate analyses of relevant data and collection, filing and reporting of necessary proof and statements of relevant parties.

* During disciplinary investigations, to testify or act as prosecutor.

* During criminal investigations, responsible for opening cases at South African Police Service (SAPS).

* Testify in cases and follow-up on all active cases.

Quality assurance and reporting.

* Investigation files should be according to a certain standard for quick reference and completeness.

* Create exception reports to act as early warning system.

* Recommend and implement internal controls to mitigate fraud risk.

* Develop and maintain an exception report and investigate ghost transactions at silos within the exception reports.

Desired Experience & Qualification


* At least 1 years relevant experience.

* Relevant B Degree (candidates with a qualification in Forensic Accounting will receive preference).