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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Please Note: This position requires extensive travel to but not limited to Kenya, Ghana, New Guinea, Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola and Malawi.

Picture this:

Conquering the concrete jungle: You’ll traverse the construction landscape, your briefcase your weapon, your charm your shield. Every handshake is a deal forged, every meeting a city built.
Wielding knowledge like a trowel: From blueprints to product specs, you’ll navigate the complexities of construction with the ease of a seasoned architect. Think concrete compositions, not musical ones.
Unleashing your inner engineer: Technical jargon? Technical drawings? Your playground. You speak the language of steel and timber, and translate it into sales gold.
Building a dream team: You’ll inspire, motivate, and guide fellow builders, creating a sales squad that could turn sand into skyscrapers.
The essentials you bring to the table:
5-10 years of seasoned sales experience: You’ve seen the trenches, climbed the scaffolding, and closed deals that make jaws drop.
A Matric certificate: Knowledge is the foundation, and yours is rock-solid.
A valid driver’s license: The city is your oyster, and you’ll have the wheels to conquer it.
Tech-savvy smarts: MS Office is your chisel, Syspro your sculpting clay. You’ll mold technology to your will.
Communication mastery: From boardrooms to builders, you speak every language of construction with eloquence and clarity.
Blueprint deciphering skills: Those lines and symbols? They sing a symphony of construction to you.
Bonus points if you:
Possess a Sales/Technical Engineering Diploma/Degree: The more tools in your belt, the stronger your empire.
Have experience navigating Syspro: This ERP beast bows before your expertise.
Boast interpersonal skills that charm concrete blocks into submission.

For more information contact-https://www.mprtc.co.za/