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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Ready to wield the trowel of leadership? Here’s the blueprint:

Matric Master: You’ve laid the foundation of knowledge and are ready to build your career tower.
Driving Dynamo: Your license is your chariot, conquering distances to conquer production floors.
Tech Titan: MS Office? Child’s play. You bend spreadsheets to your will and make data dance the production jig.
Seasoned Craftsman: 5+ years in similar roles? You’ve seen the mortar mix, felt the furnace’s fire, and emerged a production pro.
Diploma Dynamo (Bonus): Production Management diploma/degree? You’ve got the theoretical blueprints to optimize every brick.
Syspro Sage: This ERP beast bows before your expertise. You navigate its complexities like a master builder through a labyrinth.
Travel Trailblazer: The road is your canvas, and you’re ready to paint it with production prowess, visiting multiple sites and conquering challenges wherever they rise.
Bonus points if you:
Speak the language of construction like a fluent foreman.
Can motivate and inspire your team to build brick-solid results.
Have a safety-first mindset, keeping yourself and your crew injury-free.

For more information contact–https://www.mprtc.co.za/