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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Ready to unleash your inner builder? Here’s the blueprint:

Sales samurai: 5-8 years of experience managing a sales team like a seasoned general? You’re halfway there.
CRM champion: You wield CRM software like a master swordsman, slaying leads and boosting conversions with every click.
Data demigod: Sales metrics are your secret language, and you decipher them faster than a ninja reading blueprints.
Construction connoisseur: Roofing, siding, windows – you know these products like the back of your hand (and the front of your toolbox).
Technical titan: Technical drawings and project specs? Piece of cake. You could build a skyscraper blindfolded with just a ruler and a can-do attitude.
Syspro sage: The mysteries of Syspro hold no secrets for you. You bend this ERP beast to your will, unlocking its power for ultimate sales mastery.
Bonus points if you:
Wield a Diploma/Degree in Sales like a magical trowel, smoothing the path to success.
Speak the language of international trade and logistics like a fluent foreman.
Possess the charisma of a CEO and the hustle of a hammer.

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