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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Here’s your blueprint for mechanical mastery:

The Design Dynamo: You wield a diploma or degree in Mechanical Engineering (or a related field) like a magic hammer, crafting ingenious solutions from raw concepts.
The Bird Whisperer: You understand the language of Bird Machines, weaving their technical specifications and customer needs into flawless designs.
The Component Conjuror: From nuts and bolts to mighty assemblies, you choose every piece with precision, ensuring each component sings in perfect harmony.
The Value Engineer Extraordinaire: Cost-effectiveness is your mantra. You squeeze every ounce of efficiency from designs, making them competitive champions.
The Master of Manifold Drawings: Your technical drawings are works of art, guiding the transformation of metal into mechanical masterpieces.
The Documentation Druid: Manuals become your spells, imbuing machines with operational wisdom for their handlers.
The Collaboration Conductor: You orchestrate the harmony between departments, ensuring projects flow seamlessly like well-oiled gears.
The Constant Upgrader: New technologies are your fuel. You keep designs evolving, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
The ISO Improver: You’re the guardian of quality, wielding CARs and ECRs like enchanted tools to refine the technical landscape.
Bonus points for:
Experience in the heavy machinery or manufacturing industry (you’ll speak the language!)
A passion for problem-solving and a knack for innovative thinking (be the gearhead MacGyver!)
Strong communication and teamwork skills (collaboration is key!)

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