Affiliate Partner Manager

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Network Growth: Identify and onboard new affiliate partners, with a goal of boosting revenue and achieving the company’s Gross Profit targets.
Relationship Building: Maintain strong, ongoing relationships with all affiliates, ensuring a steady stream of new leads to the company.
Sales Integration: Deeply understand the company’s offerings, articulate their value to prospective clients, and integrate services into affiliate strategies to achieve objectives.
Performance Goals: Consistently meet or exceed both individual and company targets as defined by management.
Client Acquisition: Skilfully mine referrals, prepare compelling proposals, and onboard clients, adhering to the company’s standards and value thresholds.
Onboarding Excellence: Manage affiliate onboarding processes diligently, including agreement facilitation and workflow establishment.
Collaborative Efforts: Maintain productive relationships with Account Management and Operations teams to ensure seamless partnership management.
Compliance and Enforcement: Uphold all partnership agreement terms, ensuring all commissions are predicated on proper agreements.
Innovation and Attraction: Develop and implement creative strategies to attract the right partners to the Company.
Continuous Improvement: Commit to ongoing self-education in current technologies and trends, keeping all relevant certifications up to date.
Team Involvement: Participate in company team-building events to foster strong inter-departmental relationships.
Lead Management: Ensure timely and professional communication with leads, adhering to the company’s high standards for client engagement.
Reporting: Provide comprehensive weekly reports to the Head of Business Development, detailing performance metrics and insights.
Time Management: Track and manage your time efficiently using the company’s designated software, complying with reporting policies.

Desired Experience & Qualification

Ideal Candidate:

We are seeking someone mature, articulate, and professional who can easily converse with clients and partners alike. Your extraversion should be matched with an ability to handle yourself with the utmost professionalism in any business environment. Your acumen in digital media should be evident, enabling you to identify opportunities for growth and development.

Package & Remuneration

R50000 Negotiable

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