Retail Store Manager – Wartburg

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :

Roles, Skills and Attributes required :

To keep abreast of legislation relevant to the industry and role
Excels at coaching, driving, and developing a team
Proven people management and leadership skills
Excellent customer service orientation
Friendly demeanour and strong interpersonal skills (time management, assertiveness, and conflict resolution)
High degree of professionalism, conduct and work ethic at all times
Excellent attention to detail, accuracy, organization skills and diligence
Effective communication and negotiation skills
Strong problem-solving competencies, and solution focused
Innovation : it is imperative that the store manager is in touch with and understands modern technology, to drive the business forward
Must be confident in setting themself and their team timelines and targets and executing in a manner that ensures these are met.
While there will be assistant managers, department supervisors/controllers within the stores senior team, the store manager must be passionate and develop an understanding of the operations of ALL aspects of the business ( Administration function, Service and floor departments, staffing)
Understand the importance of setting accurate budgets as this drives production planning and staff scheduling, and estimate errors that have financial consequences
Based on trends and projections, must be confident to develop monthly budgets, and then disaggregate the information into monthly/weekly/daily/hourly
Must have a passion for using information to make decisions that drives the business forward.
Able to read, understand and analyze financial statements
Drive sales, maximize gross profit, control expenses, and manage ratios.
Operate the store in a manner than ensures sales growth and profitability
The store manager needs to be the face of the business. They need to be approachable and relatable not only with customers, but with staff and suppliers. They need to be respected as someone who will listen to concerns and execute solutions.
It is important that the store manager constantly evaluates who the target market is, and ensures that our offering is tailored made to service these customers’ needs and wants (range/quality etc. etc.)
A unique challenge to the Store is that the customer base covers both the very low and a very high LSM (Living standards measure) market and it is vitally important that the store manager can relate to both these markets and the in between in order to best meet customer expectation.
It is vitally important that the store manager truly understands our customer and the market we operate in.
Included within the people management function, will be the responsibility of disciplinary procedures. The store manager must be confident and knowledgeable in this area, and utilizing group resources, ensure that disciplinary enquiries, hearings and dismissals are carried out in an effective and legislation compliant manner as and when required.
Manage the total store staffing requirements in terms of the relevant Labour legislation. Head office payroll department is available as a support, but ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with the store manager actively engaging and managing the staff within the necessary legislation.
To hold total store/department and team meetings, as required and to demonstrate an effective and clear communication ability, whilst fully understanding that different levels of staff will require a different technique and approach when communicating.
Ensure staff understand and adhere to the group’s disciplines, controls, procedures, rules and regulations (DCP’s and R&R’s)
Given the size and complexity of the store, it is imperative that the store manager is a born leader, and possess the ability to manage staff in a manner that ensures their growth/motivation and delivery.
The store manager will be expected to oversee all staff members, around 110 staff
Staff are both our greatest asset and defining offering however, at the same time, they are the largest expense that we have the ability to manage through scheduling, productivity and development.
Other areas of responsibility
The store manager needs to be able to find the balance between being outgoing and having a presence on the shop floor with regards to customers and staff and be able to prioritize administrative and planning deliverables.
A key driver of the store’s profitability is the store managers success in negotiating favourable terms and rebate deals with key suppliers.
The store manager needs to have a close working relationship with all suppliers and service providers.
As the anchor tenant for the centre the store manager will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the centre, i.e. security, cleaning etc.