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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:

Our client based in the Garden Route area is looking to employ and Agronomist to join their team.


Must have at least a BSc Agric degree, preferably with Horticultural Science, Soil Science or both as major disciplines.
Proven experience in high value horticulture, with experience in hydroponics, fertigation, and berry crops.
Proficient with Netajet fertigation controllers.
Familiarity with sustainable and organic farming practices is a plus.
Be willing to travel, to develop international contacts, attend important conferences and events and learn new practices and techniques.
Proficiency in MS Office software (Excel, E-mail, Word, Project etc.) and a basic understanding of finance is important.
Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Strong teamwork capability (flexibility to work across the areas and positively influencing others) will be required.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
Effective communication and team collaboration abilities.
Must have a valid driver’s license for travelling between farms.
The successful candidate must be passionate about agriculture

Key performance areas:

Crop Management: Oversee the cultivation and management of berry crops, ensuring optimal growth, yield, and sustainability.
Soil, Leaf and Water Analysis: Conduct tests and analysis to determine nutrient levels and recommend appropriate fertilizers.
Irrigation Management: Develop, implement, and oversee irrigation schedules to meet the nutritional requirements of different berry crops.
Harvest Planning: Work together with farm managers on planning and coordinating berry harvesting activities, considering factors such as ripeness, market demand, and labour availability.
Pest and Disease Control: Work together with farm managers to implement effective pest and disease management strategies to ensure a healthy crop.
Research and Innovation: Stay updated on the latest agronomic research and incorporate innovative practices to enhance berry crop productivity. Conduct trials with new products and technologies to ascertain potential for sustainable agriculture.
Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of crop management activities, analyses, and other relevant data.
Team Collaboration: Collaborate with farm workers and other team members to ensure smooth operations and adherence to agronomic best practices