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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Here’s the lowdown:

Where you’ll conquer: Our vibrant office in Pretoria, the beating heart of South Africa’s agricultural scene.
Your playground: The fast-paced world of procuring chemical and agrochemical products. Think fertilizers, pesticides, the good stuff that keeps our crops thriving!
Your superpowers:
Procurement prowess: You’ve got at least 5 years of experience under your belt, navigating the complex world of sourcing, logistics, and cost-busting like a ninja.
Chemical/Agri whisperer: You speak the language of commodities, specialties, and pesticide actives like a native. Global sourcing is your middle name.
Tech titan: MRP systems like Netstock? Child’s play. You bend ERP and Stock Management Systems to your will.
Negotiation ninja: You can charm a discount out of a rock and have suppliers lining up for your next order.
Analytical alchemist: Data is your gold, spreadsheets your canvas. You turn numbers into actionable insights with the finesse of a master chef.
Bonus points if you:
Possess a Diploma/Degree in Supply Chain Management/Logistics or an Agricultural field.
Have wrestled the beast that is Syspro and emerged victorious.
Speak the lingo of international trade and forex management.

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