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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Technical Lead

Can you take ownership, and engage regularly with software architects in order to ensure development within the Team is according to architectural guidelines? How about planning, designing, leading, and executing technical solutions, as well as improvements within the respective Software Development Team?
As the Technical Lead, you’d be a technical expert, with a strong understanding of technology, systems architecture, data structures and data sources.


Minimum of 7 years’ experience within a development environment;
3- 6 years’ SQL experience;
5 -8 years’ C# experience;
5 -8 years’ .net core experience;
5 -8 years’ RESTful API experience.

Nice To Have:

1- 4 years’ experience in document stores such as Couchbase / Mongo;
1- 4 years’ experience in Message Brokers such as RabbitMQ / Kafka / Red Panda.

Technical Leadership:

Provide technical leadership to the team through collaboration sessions and knowledge-sharing initiatives.
Engage regularly with software architects in order to ensure the development within the team is according to architectural guidelines.
Work with other developers, designers/analysts, and architects to make sure that the solutions meet application requirements and performance goals.
Ensure checked-in code is reviewed to ensure standards are met and the code base is sound.
Ensure that all technical solutions that are rolled out consider compatibility with other environments and dependencies; have a high usability factor; are reliable to reduce downtime and perform at maximum efficiency during peak periods of usage; consider security at its highest level (third-party attacks; data protection etc).
Drive the adoption of processes within the team that consider and meet the expectations of technical throughput rates and responses; processing times; effective resource utilization during operation and where the system or solution ensures maximum operational capacity requirements are met.

Quality of Software Implementation:

Ensure rigorous testing of any solution before deployment and create standards and processes within the team to align to these.
Ensure the delivery of a complete and technically appropriate solution that covers all the agreed specified tasks and user objectives and has been tested thoroughly.
Where possible work to develop and implement a quality mechanism for the solution to analyse its own faults and provide reports prior to a critical failure.
Develop the solution in a manner that supports modification for future developers thereby reducing the numbers of defects or negatively affecting system quality.

Initiative and Innovation:

Implement improved processes that have a positive effect on the team’s performance and company’s bottom line.
Technical problems and opportunities are anticipated and dealt with immediately considering any technical dependencies.
Take an active involvement in problem resolution and where necessary work after hours to ensure that problems are resolved.
Shows foresight to prevent errors or delays in projects.
Demonstrate initiative by understanding, acquiring and implementing new knowledge and skills both within team and to the wider group.
Incorporates new abilities into the day-to-day operational activities to improve the performance of products and systems.
Ensure techniques, technologies, tools and processes used are in line with industry best practices.

Knowledge Share:

Identify team members requiring specific knowledge, skill or understanding and seek ways to impart or upskill the team members through coaching and mentorship.
Verify the knowledge has been imparted successfully and if not, take steps to rectify gaps in the transfer of the knowledge.