Amazon Ecommerce Coordinator – Reference LHAAEC

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :

Amazon Store Management:

Product Listing Creation: Craft accurate and compelling product listings on Amazon, including titles, descriptions, images, features, specifications, and pricing. The goal is to provide customers with a clear understanding of the product’s value proposition.
Content Optimisation: Optimise product titles, descriptions, bullet points, and other content to highlight key benefits and features while incorporating relevant keywords. This involves using tools and data to optimise product listings for better search visibility.
Image Enhancement: Select relevant high-quality product images that effectively showcase product details and features, as they play a crucial role in attracting customers and conveying the product’s value.
Keyword Research: Conduct keyword research to optimize product listings for better search visibility, using relevant and high-performing keywords.
SEO and Search Ranking Improvement: Employ SEO techniques to improve organic search rankings within Amazon’s search results.
Marketing Strategies: Execute marketing strategies on the Amazon platform to enhance product visibility and drive sales.
Inventory Management: Manage inventory levels and coordinate restocking processes to ensure products are readily available for purchase.
Competitor Analysis: Research and analyse competitor product listings to gain insights into market trends, pricing strategies, and content presentation to position products effectively within the marketplace.
Pricing and Promotions: Collaborate with the merchandise team to set competitive prices based on market research and execute promotional strategies.
A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content): Create A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for eligible products to engage customers and enhance brand perception.
Data Analysis: Monitor and analyse key performance metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and sales figures, to measure the effectiveness of listing optimizations and identify areas for improvement.
Stay Updated: Keep abreast of changes to Amazon’s algorithms, policies, and best practices to ensure compliant and effective listings.
Collaboration: Collaborate with marketing, design, and product management teams to align product listings with overall brand and marketing strategies.

Affiliate Programme Management:

Programme Oversight: Oversee the AWIN affiliate marketing programme to recruit and maintain relationships with affiliates.
Promotional Strategy: Develop and implement promotional strategies to enhance the visibility of the affiliate program and drive affiliate engagement.
Communication and Support: Establish effective communication channels with affiliates, providing support, guidelines, and necessary resources to ensure the success of their marketing efforts.
Compliance Monitoring: Ensure that affiliates adhere to program guidelines, ethical standards, and legal requirements, monitoring compliance and taking corrective actions as needed.
Performance Analysis: Evaluate the performance of the affiliate marketing program by analysing key metrics and providing insights to optimize its effectiveness.

Loyalty Programme Management:

Programme Development: Contribute to the development and management of the customer loyalty programme.
Administrative Tasks: Handle administrative tasks related to the loyalty program, such as enrollment processes and incentive distribution.
Promotions and Incentives: Implement promotions and incentives to enhance customer loyalty.
Communication and Outreach: Engage with program participants through effective communication, marketing automation that ensures the ultimate personalised customer journey, and making sure the customer service team responds to queries.
Performance Analysis: Analyse programme performance and provide insights to optimise the loyalty programme.

Desired Experience & Qualification :


Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Business, Marketing, or related field.
Proven experience in managing Amazon Seller Central accounts & storefronts.
Previous experience in e-commerce coordination or similar roles.
Experience managing an affiliate program and loyalty programme.
Strong understanding of e-commerce operations, logistics, and customer service.
Proficient in using analytics tools to analyse sales data and performance metrics.
Excellent communication and organisational skills.
Detail-oriented with a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.
Familiarity with Amazon advertising and promotional tools is a plus.

Criteria :

Jungle Scout
Yotpo Loyalty
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