SQL Database Administrator (DBA)

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

As a SQL Database Administrator, you will be responsible for designing and documenting the magical architecture of our databases. You will use your wizarding skills to build tables, procedures, and permissions, ensuring that our databases are protected from any dark magic
In addition, you will develop utilities and automated reporting spells to make our database management a breeze
You must be proficient in the use of SQL and have experience with various database technologies, including Sybase IQ, Sybase ASE, MySQL, and MSSQL. Knowledge of SSIS, SSRS, and Analysis Services will surely impress the Sorting Hat
Of course, this position requires a certain level of maturity and dedication. You will need to be available for 24-hour standby when required, ready to swoop in and save the day when a database emergency arises


To be considered for this enchanting opportunity, you must possess a Matric / Grade 12 qualification and hold the prestigious MCDBA or MCITP (Microsoft qualification).
A minimum of 5 years of SQL Database Administration experience in a highly pressurized environment will showcase your ability to handle the most complex spells
In addition to the technical competencies mentioned above, any knowledge of programming, project management, resource management, network, or OS administration will be highly regarded. After all, we need a wizard who can handle all aspects of the magical database world

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