Senior Full-Stack Developer

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Job Description


Develop and maintain high-quality code by adhering to company standards, actively participating in code reviews, and consistently updating and refactoring existing code based on feedback and evolving requirements.
Create thorough unit and integration tests for the codebase, regularly review and updating them to align with evolving code, and actively participate in system and acceptance testing phases to ensure smooth deployment and releases.
Generate thorough code comments, develop detailed user manuals and API documentation, consistently update the documentation to reflect feature changes, and draft/maintain technical design documents for new features or system architectures.
Comprehend project requirements, translate them into technical tasks, develop features and fixes within specified timeframes, and maintain regular communication with collaborators and the Software Development Manager to provide progress updates.
Provide valuable support to junior developers by sharing knowledge, offering guidance, and participating in collaborative learning initiatives, fostering a supportive team environment.
Collaborate with team members on shared tasks, actively contribute to code reviews by providing constructive feedback and learning from peers, participate productively in team meetings and brainstorming sessions, and engage in pair programming when necessary.
Address incoming user queries or issues promptly, ensure timely resolution of all reported problems, collaborate with the support team to rectify user-reported bugs, and create post- mortem reports for critical issues to improve future system reliability and performance.
Effectively manage tasks to meet deadlines, identify and address personal skill development areas, set and adhere to deadlines with proactive communication, establish goals and action plans, and allocate time for ongoing learning through self-study, workshops, webinars, or conferences.


Software development experience of at least 6+ years
Full-stack development experience
Additional factors like quality of work are also considered.
Candidates must have familiarity with web development, REST APIs, and reasoning about software architecture and design.
Python, Flutter(Dart), Angular (Typescript) (front-end development) and Golang programming.
Knowledge on Web Development principles (REST)
Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle
Know how to use Git versioning control system
Flutter knowledge would be beneficial for mobile development work.


Salary negotiable