Senior Software Developer – Xamarin

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Job Description


Determine the requirements of the software from a UI and service API design. Verify that the UI and API are aligned. Design the software in an object oriented way focusing on simplicity and ensure it aligns with Agile best practices
Implement the software, possibly with the help of junior developers which will required direction and supervision
Add or updated code in a way that it is consistent and coherent with the existing code
Add or update unit tests as required
Participate in the different team events, suggest improvements to the way of working and help the team work more efficiently
Develop scalable, reliable and high-performance applications
Produce technical specifications and architecture that is in accordance to agreed standards. Design, code, test and debug to obtain a robust solution with supporting documentation
Receive and collaborate on business requirements and be able to communicate well to elicit requirements
Collaborate with analysts and business teams to deliver on prioritized work
Research, consult and make recommendations on coding and optimization best practices.
Provide continuous feedback and input to other stakeholders.


Information Technology or Computer science Qualifications
Minimum 5 years Experience
C# and .NET framework
Xamarin. Forms or at least good XAML knowledge
Smartphone App development
Agile practices in particular the Agile design track
Object orientation including the application of the SOLID principles
Have strong software design skills.
Unit testing
Useful if to have native Android and iOS toolchain experience


Competitive Salary