Drilling Supervisor – Mining Industry

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Job Description


Supervise and oversee drilling operations at the mine site, ensuring that all activities are carried out safely and according to regulations.
Manage and coordinate drilling crews, equipment, and resources to ensure optimal performance and productivity.
Conduct regular inspections and audits to assess drilling processes, equipment, and safety measures.
Develop and implement drilling plans, schedules, and procedures to meet production targets and objectives.
Monitor and analyze drilling performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
Collaborate with other departments and stakeholders to coordinate drilling activities and resolve any issues or challenges that may arise.
Train and mentor drilling staff to enhance their skills and knowledge in drilling techniques, safety practices, and equipment operation.
Maintain accurate records and documentation of drilling activities, including drill logs, reports, and maintenance records.


Grade 12
Opencast Blasting Certificate
Competency A


Salary: R800K-R950K

Family Responsibility Leave (If Applicable)