Electrical Technician

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Job Description

Duties :

You possess a minimum T3 (National Technicians Certificate) and a proven track record of electrical system mastery.
You excel in both formal training (apprenticeship or 5+ years’ experience) and ideally hold a wireman’s license.
You’re a programming and troubleshooting champion for industrial PLCs and controllers.
You have a hawk-eye for detail and a talent for keeping low-voltage systems, switchgear, and production equipment in peak condition.
You’re a collaborative team player with reliable transportation.
As their top technician, you’ll:

Ensure flawless operation of production equipment.
Masterfully program and troubleshoot PLCs.
Establish a comprehensive library of plant schematics, equipment manuals, and software programs (think electrical guru’s ultimate toolkit!).
Manage the electrical spares like a pro, ensuring optimal inventory control.
Guarantee electrical safety and smooth operation of the 24/7 production facility – you’re the guardian of electrical efficiency!
Be prepared for after-hours call outs – because top performers rise to the challenge, anytime.


• Salary: Salary negotiable
• Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
• Training and Development
• Paid Time Off (PTO) (if applicable)