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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Here’s your daily symphony:

Conducting maintenance on complex instrumentation TECHNICIAN systems: Think pressure gauges, flow meters, the whole orchestra of sensors!
Composing solutions to technical challenges: You’ll be the Sherlock Holmes of troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving issues with precision.
Leading your team with a steady hand: Guide your colleagues to new levels of performance, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.
Crafting reports and documentation with clarity: Share your expertise through detailed written and verbal communication.
Planning and logistics are your forte: You’ll keep things organized and ensure everything runs on time, just like a well-conducted concerto.
To join the band, you’ll need:
A Red Seal in Instrumentation: You’ve mastered the art of the craft!
5+ years of experience: You’ve seen it all and fixed it all in instrumentation maintenance.
A conductor’s knowledge of Citect SCADA, Ethernet networks, PLC control systems, and field control instrumentation: You can speak every instrument’s language!
Supervisory skills: Lead your team to a harmonious performance.
Computer literacy: You’re a maestro in the digital world too.
Communication skills that resonate: Share your knowledge clearly and confidently.
Planning and logistics: You’re the conductor of organization.
Valid Code 08 driver’s license: Ready to travel to different venues (treatment plants).
Standby duties: Be prepared to respond promptly when needed.

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