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Become the Sherlock Holmes of F&I: Dig deep into contracts, validate documentation, and ensure compliance with FICA, FAIS, NCR, NCA & POPIA like a legal-eagle ninja.
Track down errant assets: Lost titles? Missing vehicles? You’ll be the financial bloodhound, following the trail and ensuring every asset returns to its rightful place.
Wield the sword of Microsoft Office: Excel in spreadsheets, slay document beasts with Word, and unleash the power of PowerPoint to present your findings like a financial rockstar.
Unravel the financial tapestry: Basic accounting skills are your secret weapon, helping you understand the bigger picture and ensure everything balances beautifully.
Experience? A bonus, but not essential: If you’ve already honed your skills as a validations and asset management officer, consider this a homecoming. If not, your passion and thirst for financial justice are all we need.

For more information contact–https://www.mprtc.co.za/