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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Ready to craft your masterpiece? Here’s your canvas:

Brew the perfect workforce cocktail: From recruitment to payroll, training to EE plans, you’ll mix the ingredients just right to ensure every employee thrives.
Transmute records into insights: Data your kryptonite? Not here! You’ll wield Excel and Word like wands, weaving employee records into tapestries of knowledge that guide the company’s success.
Forge BBBEE into a shining shield: Compliance isn’t a chore, it’s an opportunity to build a diverse, equitable workplace that shines brighter than any furnace.
Be the bridge between the company and beyond: Overseeing training and bursaries, you’ll connect internal talent with external opportunities, crafting pathways for growth and development.
Become the MD’s right-hand spellcaster: From daily tasks to strategic support, you’ll be the Merlin to their Arthur, ensuring the kingdom runs smoothly.
What potions do you need in your toolkit?
HR tertiary education: Your foundation stone, strong and sturdy.
Excel and Word sorcery: Master the spells of data and documentation.
Communication charm: Speak the language of employees, managers, and everyone in between.
Organizational alchemy: Juggle tasks like a seasoned magician, never letting chaos brew.
Adaptability elixir: Change is your middle name, and you embrace it with a smile.
Bonus enchantments:
Experience in manufacturing: Speak the language of the forge and factory.
BBBEE expertise: Navigate compliance with the wisdom of a sage.
A dash of creativity: Think outside the spreadsheet, let your HR magic sparkle!

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