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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Here’s your blueprint for success:

A Technical Mastermind: You’ve got an N5 or higher technical qualification that makes you a whiz with specs, schematics, and all things machinery-related.
The BOM Boss: Bills of Materials are your domain. You can navigate them like a seasoned explorer, ensuring accuracy and completeness with every item.
Computer Comrade: Tech-savvy is your middle name. You wield spreadsheets and databases like laser swords, slicing through data with precision and efficiency.
A Team Player: Collaboration is key. You’ll work hand-in-hand with engineers, technicians, and other departments, ensuring everyone has the info they need to keep the heavy machinery humming.
A Sharp Eye: Attention to detail is your superpower. You spot inconsistencies like a hawk, ensuring even the tiniest technical tidbit is in its place.
A Learning Engine: The world of heavy machinery is ever-evolving. You’re eager to learn new things, adapt to changing technologies, and keep your technical knowledge razor-sharp.
Bonus points for:
Experience in the heavy machinery or manufacturing industry (you’ll fit right in!)

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