Communications and Engagement Specialist

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Job Description


Employee Engagement Strategy:
Develop, implement, and improve employee engagement strategies tailored to the unique needs of bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees.
Collaborate with HR and leadership to conduct regular employee surveys and feedback sessions, analyzing results to recommend action plans.
Work with cross-functional teams to develop and implement programs promoting a positive work culture and celebrating employee accomplishments.
Internal Communication:

Execute a comprehensive communication plan aligned with company values and goals.
Create and distribute regular newsletters, announcements, and updates.
Facilitate town hall meetings and focus groups to encourage two-way communication.
Develop effective communication channels for all employees.
Craft engaging communication initiatives to foster employee involvement.

External Communication:

Craft and execute external communication plans to maintain the company’s brand image.
Develop press releases, media kits, and other materials for media outreach.
Liaise with media representatives and act as a spokesperson when necessary.
Monitor media coverage and respond to inquiries proactively.

Content Creation:

Create compelling content for various channels, including website articles, blogs, and social media posts.
Collaborate with subject matter experts to develop industry-related content.
Ensure all content aligns with the company’s brand voice and values.
Intranet and Internet Management:

Oversee the intranet platform for internal communication and collaboration.
Manage the company’s internet page to showcase services and achievements.
Implement SEO strategies to optimize web presence.

Social Media Management:

Develop and execute social media strategies to increase online presence and engagement.
Monitor social media channels and respond to comments and messages promptly.
Track and analyze social media performance metrics.

Crisis Communication:

Develop crisis communication plans to manage the company’s reputation during challenging times.
Work closely with senior leadership to ensure a timely response to crises.

Change Management:

Partner with management to communicate organizational changes effectively.
Support change initiatives by providing communication plans and resources.
Act as a change advocate to promote understanding and engagement.

Team Management:

Collaborate with the Learning and Development team to deliver training programs.
Support the implementation of career development plans for team members.


Bachelor’s degree in media and communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, or a related field.
3-5 years experience in employee engagement and communication, preferably in the supply chain and logistics industry.
Proficiency in HR software and MS Office Suite.
Strong interpersonal, communication, and writing skills.
Familiarity with SEO best practices and digital marketing strategies.
Knowledge of South African labor laws and regulations is advantageous.

Key Competencies:

Attention to detail
Creative thinking
Email and social media communication skills
Ability to manage internal and external stakeholders
Experience with video and teleconferencing technologies
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Desired Experience & Qualification :

Communications, and, Engagement, Specialist, Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications, Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources