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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Client Details:

The application developed by our client serves as a comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency traders. Enables efficient monitoring, trading, and portfolio management across exchanges. Focus on derivative and spot trading. Offers direct market access, algorithmic execution, and seamless API integration.

Role Responsibilities:

Facilitate seamless integration of new exchanges into the application.
Continuously enhance and expand the back-end engine of our client’s platform.

Relevant Qualifications / Experience:

Problem-solving abilities, showcasing the capacity to tackle complex challenges.
Logical thinking, enabling the ability to analyse situations critically and make well-informed decisions.
Attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and precision in all tasks and deliverables.
Experience in working with Rest and Web socket connectivity.
Adheres to software best-practices.
Understanding of Finance & Derivatives, allowing for comprehension of financial markets and trading instruments.
Experience in the C# programming language.
Proficiency in SQL, enabling efficient data manipulation and retrieval from databases.
Shows proficiency in using the Git version control system.

Advantageous Experience:

Practical exposure to Rest and Web socket connectivity specifically for cryptocurrency exchanges, indicating a deep understanding of crypto trading platforms.
Genuine interest in algorithmic trading, demonstrating a keen enthusiasm for developing and implementing automated trading strategies.
Proficiency in utilising cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, showcasing the ability to leverage cloud services effectively.

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