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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Client Details:

The application developed by our client serves as a comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency traders. Enables efficient monitoring, trading, and portfolio management across exchanges. Focus on derivative and spot trading. Offers direct market access, algorithmic execution, and seamless API integration.

Role Responsibilities:

Drive front-end architecture and make architectural decisions.
Oversee code quality and drive technical debt reduction.
Mentor other developers and build prototypes.
Continue the development, maintenance, and testing.
Determine requirements from clients and establish the most efficient front-end solution for them.
Create aesthetically pleasing, functional, and customizable WinForms UI components.
Identify and address issues within the current solution.
Take end-to-end ownership of UI features, including testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
Demonstrate the ability to work independently, take initiative, and contribute innovative ideas in a fast-paced, team environment.

Relevant Qualifications / Experience:

Bachelor of Science degree or demonstrated proficiency in critical abstract thinking and problem-solving.
3+ years of UI/UX design implementation experience, expertise in .Net and WinForms.
Effective communication skills with users and stakeholders at all levels.
Strong problem-solving skills, proactive, and committed to ownership.
Prioritises user satisfaction over technical novelty, focusing on value creation.
Rapid prototyping ability for iterative feedback.
Extensive experience in C#.Net and Object-Oriented Programming.
Skillful in developing custom WinForm controls.
Familiarity with GIT for source control.
Knowledgeable in asynchronous programming for responsive WinForms user interaction.
Keen eye for UI/UX design.

Advantageous Experience:

FinTech and/or trading experience in financial instruments, cryptocurrencies, and derivatives is a plus.
High PC proficiency, particularly in Suite, Docs, and Sheets.
Exceptional organisational skills.
Demonstrates honesty, integrity, and transparency, unafraid to share the truth and open to feedback.
Possesses an outstanding work ethic, known for being proactive and achieving tasks consistently.
Forensic attention to detail and ability to implement pixel-perfect designs.

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