Project Manager: Digital

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities


Risk and Issue logging. This Project  includes quantifying the risks, Identifying an owner of that Risk and if they occur and also driving the close out of the Risks and
Issues that are logged.
Decision logging – In many sessions when a critical decision arises, to log this and to drive the process to get the decision made and document the decision outcome.
When any actions are identified in sessions, these are minuted and assigned to a particular individual with a commitment date and then driving on following up on these until they are closed.
Together with the PM’s for our service providers, prepare the steerco pack that include details of point 1 and 2, as well as communicating deliverables completed as well as committed too.
With the Product owner, define the implementation date of the project and plan the deliverable accordingly. Project Plan should not be limited to development and product deliverable but also implementation plan.
Driving the quote approval and purchase order process where required

Desired Experience & Qualification


An appropriate university degree with preference for a BSc, BSc(Eng), BSc (Comp Science) or BCom (Informatics), 3 years’ work experience in the Retail or Financial Industry, 5 years business analysis/business consulting experience, Lean and/or Six Sigma experience and accreditation advantageous

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