Senior Software Engineer – CPT

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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Senior Software Developer

The Software Development Team delivers solutions on a global basis. They provide reliable, stable, scalable, robust, secure and continually evolving high-volume transaction systems using processes which are controlled, effective and efficient. Their responsibility is to develop, deliver and support applications, in which data is received from or rapidly made available to users of the system/s with an as high degree of integrity as possible.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar field.
Minimum of 5 years’ experience within a development environment.
3- 5 years’ SQL experience (database experience).
3 -5 years’ C# experience.
3 -5 years’ .net core experience.
3 -5 years’ RESTful API experience.
Detailed knowledge of the SDLC and management of software projects.

What You’ll Do:

Design Fit for Purpose Solutions & Algorithms & planning;
Implementation of a solution that is complete, efficient and compatible.
Implementation – Ensure the Solution has a High Usability Factor; is Reliable; has Effective Security and is Maintainable.
Testing, verification and deploying;
Respond to Outages & Failures.