Personal vs. Professional: Sharing in Interviews

Personal vs. Professional Sharing in Interviews-grabemployment

“Discussing your personal life during a job interview should be done strategically and in a way that enhances your professional image. Here are some guidelines on what to share and what to avoid when discussing personal aspects of your life in an interview:

1. Hobbies and Interests: Briefly mention your hobbies and interests, but avoid going into too much detail. Highlight activities that demonstrate positive qualities, such as teamwork, leadership, or dedication. Keep it relevant to the job, if possible.

2. Marital Status and Family: You can mention your marital status and the number of children you have, but avoid delving into personal relationship details. Focus on how your family situation won’t interfere with your job responsibilities, and, if necessary, discuss your ability to manage work-life balance.

3. Unrelated Personal Information: Avoid discussing aspects of your personal life that have no relevance to the job. Irrelevant details can distract the interviewer and may not contribute positively to your candidacy.

4. Emotional or Sensitive Topics: Stay away from discussing emotional or sensitive topics like break-ups, substance abuse, family conflicts, or personal rivalries. Keep the conversation focused on your qualifications, skills, and suitability for the role.

5. Medical or Dietary Requirements: If you have special medical or dietary requirements that could affect your work, it’s appropriate to mention them. For example, if you’re a vegetarian or have specific dietary restrictions, it’s relevant to discuss this to ensure your needs can be accommodated.

6. Personal Challenges: While it’s essential to be honest about any accommodations you may require due to personal challenges, maintain a professional tone. For example, if you have a medical condition, explain how you manage it without going into excessive detail.

In essence, the goal is to strike a balance between showcasing your personality and demonstrating your professionalism. Focus on aspects of your personal life that align with the job and can contribute positively to your application. Remember that the primary purpose of the interview is to assess your qualifications and fit for the role, so keep the conversation relevant to your candidacy.

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