Seize Your Next Career Breakthrough with Grabemployment’s Platform

Seize Your Next Career Breakthrough with Grabemployment's Platform-grabemployment

Complete All Required Fields and Include Your CV Upload:

The reason we request both your profile information and your CV upload is because each serves a specific purpose. The information you provide in your profile is more visible to recruiters, as they don’t need to click to view it. Recruiters use individual fields to shortlist candidates based on their requirements. For instance, if a job requires “Five years’ experience in the IT industry,” recruiters can use separate fields for the number of years of work experience and the industry sector.

If a candidate hasn’t completed these fields, they may not make the initial cut if a recruiter filters based on these criteria.

The CV, on the other hand, allows the system to read keywords for later searches if recruiters want to search for specific terms after their initial shortlisting. It also provides an opportunity for your personality to shine through, should recruiters choose to open the CV after filtering through the fields.Career

Don’t hesitate to express your personality when describing your skills and experience. However, ensure you use the correct formats and avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. In essence, if your profile is incomplete or sloppy, you may not be considered for the role.Career

Include Relevant Work Experience:Career

Your CV should include work experience that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. While working as an au pair in the UK during your gap year may not directly relate to an IT job, you may have acquired transferable skills like time management and conflict resolution that could be valuable. If you have limited experience, consider including special projects, involvement in non-profit causes, or participation in sports teams. It’s acceptable to include part-time or “piece jobs” to eliminate CV gaps, but avoid going into excessive detail about roles that aren’t pertinent to your current career goals. Generally, include the last three jobs that are relevant to the industry and role you’re targeting.

Detail Your Skills Thoroughly, Including Soft Skills:

When listing your skills, provide comprehensive information about both hard and soft skills. Hard skills encompass technical knowledge and training, such as budgeting, project management, coding, or proficiency in a third language. Soft skills, on the other hand, represent your personal brand and include traits like critical thinking, time management, communication, and stress management. Candidates with strong soft skills are often highly sought after in various roles. Avoid the common mistake of only listing your computer literacy level in the ‘skills’ section. Instead, offer detailed information about both hard and soft skills, along with your proficiency level (basic, intermediate, proficient, expert) for each.Career

Recognize the Importance of the Cover Letter:

A well-crafted cover letter is a valuable tool for aligning your skills and experience with the criteria for the advertised position. It’s where you can let your personal brand shine and demonstrate that you’ve conducted research by directly addressing the potential employer’s company values and mission statement.

While the system doesn’t search for keywords in the cover letter (as it does in the CV), a recruiter reviewing hundreds of cover letters will pick out essential words that match the job specifications. This increases your chances of standing out and being added to the recruiter’s “shortlist.”

Where to Find Jobs Online:

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