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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Picture your daily symphony:

Conducting office admin with the grace of a maestro: Think scheduling meetings, managing documents, and keeping everyone informed.
Composing communication that resonates: Craft clear and concise emails, reports, and presentations that keep everyone in the loop.
Playing the data instrument: Master Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, Project, and Access to organize and analyze information.
Collaborating with your team in perfect harmony: Foster a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can thrive.
Being the friendly face of the team: Greet everyone with a smile and provide exceptional customer service.
To join the band, you’ll need:
A solid foundation: Grade 12 will set the stage for your admin skills.
Sharpened tools: A relevant tertiary qualification and further studies will elevate your performance.
Experience is your best instrument: Proven experience in an administration position will make you a master musician.
Tech skills on point: High competence in Microsoft Office is your digital toolkit.
The power of communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills will ensure everyone hears your message.
A friendly disposition: You’ll bring a positive and collaborative spirit to the team.

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