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Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Here’s what awaits your fruit-tastic future:

Orchestrate the outbound symphony: You’ll be the conductor, directing a team of packers, shippers, and logistics wizards to ensure every perfect peach and plump plum gets to its destination on time.
Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes: Track shipments like a pro, solving logistical riddles and ensuring deliveries arrive fresh and flawless.
Become a fruit whisperer: Understand the delicate dance of temperature, humidity, and transport, ensuring every apple arrives with a perfect crunch and every pear retains its pear-fect juiciness.
Data is your jam: Dive into the world of shipping manifests and inventory reports, making sense of numbers and turning them into delicious success stories.
Collaborate like a fruit salad: Work hand-in-hand with farmers, packhouse teams, and logistics partners to keep the fruit flowing smoothly from orchard to eager eaters.
No day is a lemon: Embrace the dynamic world of fruit farming, where every day is a fresh adventure filled with problem-solving, teamwork, and the satisfaction of seeing your efforts bear delicious fruit (pun intended!).

We’re looking for someone who:

Thinks in logistics, breathes in efficiency, and dreams in perfectly packed fruit boxes.
Has a knack for problem-solving that would make MacGyver jealous (with duct tape optional).
Can juggle multiple tasks like a circus performer with a fruit basket.
Is a team player who loves collaborating and sharing the sweet taste of success.
Has a Matric and/or Logistics Certificate, and 2-3 years of relevant experience is a juicy bonus.
Packhouse/agriculture experience? You’ll be the apple of our eye!

For more information contact-https://www.mprtc.co.za/